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Friday, December 6, 2013

Seasonal Color Analysis: True Summer (a correction to my first post)

If you read my first seasonal color analysis post, I would like to apologize because it was inaccurate. After researching, I am here to announce that I am NOT a dark winter as I previously stated. In fact, I am a cool (or true) summer. I have the high contrast between my skin and my eyes, however, I am not suited for the deep colors.

To see what I mean, click HERE to see examples of True Summers. Even though summers are typically thought of as blondes with fair skin. However, this is not so. You will see examples of so many women who do not fit within that stereotype.

The color palette of a True Summer is cool and muted. Here are two examples:

This is a more detailed palette including more of the colors.

Summer color chart Season Color Analysis - As the seasons change throughout the year your personal season will remain unwavering further enhancing your natural beauty. When you a summer color type, all clothing in colors of this chart will look great on you.

Discovering that I was a True Summer has been a very exciting experience. I can also see where I was confused on my season. Winter shades are very similar to the shades above, but have a greater depth to them. I often felt smothered with some of the colors from the Dark Winter palette, but with the Summer shades, I feel more natural.

Here are some shots of me (old and new) in True Summer colors. Note that the background colors in the last two images are also from the palette.

Some of my most worn colors from this palette are navy, dusty lavender, turquoise, and cool red.

Makeup for True Summers are seen on this chart, although cool red can be added for lips.

The most prominent colors here are taupe, beige, raspberry, and dusty blue. These colors compliment your skin's coolness.

I am very pleased with finding my true colors and I encourage you to do the same. Finding what colors suit you best is the key to looking and feeling your best.

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  1. OMG! I have finally found a post of a true summer who has darker hair and darker brown eyes. You don't know how relieved I am, Elizabeth! I have light brown hair, cool undertones, and dark brown/black eyes. For the longest time, I classified myself as a Dark Winter. As I wore black, I would pile on the makeup and my relatives told me black looked way too harsh on me. So, I got deeply into the color analysis stuff and thought that I was just a warm Autumn. This was because of the Dark Winter color palette being too harsh on my fair skin. Then, as I read about Cool summer, my aunt told me that the colors on that palette I've worn and look excellent on me. As I read more about Cool Summer, I was telling myself that this wasn't me because I had to have light colored eyes. Finally, I found your page and now I am a True Cool Summer. You don't know how excited I am finding your page!! <3 THANKS. -Eliana