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Friday, September 20, 2013


While I was out shopping with a friend I noticed how each mirror made me look different.

One mirror at store A was the same way I looked at home. This one was placed flat against a wall so you were looking directly at yourself.

Another mirror at store B made me look like a whale! This mirror was angled on a wall at the end of a hallway.

This of course made me very upset.

The mirror that made me look normal was at a store where primarily adults shop. The tilted mirror was at a teen store.

Teens, who are just developing body consciousness are more vulnerable and concerned with appearance. I see it as an injustice that store B have mirrors that improperly portray the customer. Especially those who are bombarded by size 0 models and the pressure to be thin.

When the thigh gap first emerged it disgusted me. Who would want to be so thin that they looked sickly? Not long after that it seemed like every photograph displayed women with thigh gaps. I mean what is the deal?! I understand if you are just a naturally thin person and have the frame befitting such, but I have also seen women strive to be that thin at any cost.


Because thin is beautiful.

Thin sells.

Guess what? It's a lie.

If you are not thin, or even close to it, you are still beautiful. I tell my middle school ladies all the time that they should not desire to be anything different than what they are.

I understand losing weight to be healthy but when you are of an aberage height and a size 5, then drop to a size 2 in a few months... you cannot convince me that is healthy.

Social media sites are all the time posting images with quotes about "nothing tastes as good as being thin feels." I get so angry at the brainwashing these sites are doing! LADIES DON'T LISTEN TO THE LIES! Be healthy and be a size 8 or higher! Heck I am a size 12 and my husband tells me he wouldn't change my bod for anything in the world.

Find those who support you a d won't tear you down just to make themselves feel better. I have had enough of people like that in my life. They do nothing but drag you down. Get rid of them. Hold fast to the people who will still see you as captivating and glorious no matter what your size.

To all of my thin readers out there, never look down on anyone because try aren't a size 2. Be kind to everyone because we are commanded to. Speak words of encouragement to your friends, don't ask them to change unless it is a matter of their wellbeing.

To all of my readers, stay happy and stay YOU!

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